About Us

Friends of Megan operates from the grounds of the Casa Raab in the community of San Pablo Etla, just outside of Oaxaca City. The 40+ acres offer plenty of opportunity for long dog walks, advancing the socialization of rescued pups as they intermingle with people, dogs, cats, burros and birds. A pasture accommodates larger rescues including horses, burros and the occasional giraffe.


Rebecca Raab is the founder, Executive Director and solo staff member of Friends of Megan Animal Rescue. She accomplishes the mission of the organization without pay, carrying out her work purely out of her love and concern for animals.

Luciano REV

Dr. Luciano Carrasco, a sympathetic local veterinarian (known at Casa Raab simply as “Luciano”) works closely with Rebecca and Friends of Megan Animal Rescue. Luciano performs the bulk of his services on site, but frequently visits homes at Rebecca’s request, where she has encountered a sick, neglected, or abused animal. He has been instrumental in finding good homes for many of Rebecca’s rescues. He makes long distance adoptions easy by preparing the international health certificates for pups headed abroad.

Joanne-and-Zeke Volunteers like Joanne Moeschl and other neighbors and friends who share Rebecca’s love of animals frequently assist. Even Casa Raab’s guests often enjoy pitching in.

The Board of Directors

Judith and Zia

Judith Anderson, retired attorney, now self-employed artist who often paints at Casa Raab, lives in Richmond, VA.  Judith is the President of Friends of Megan. She and her husband Tom have spent several months at Casa Raab every year since 2010. Zia, their very alert terrier, came home with them as a tiny pup in 2011. Zander, went home with Judy and Tom in 2012.


Tom Poe, retired public relations executive, is Treasurer and Second in Command Pooper Scooper. He’s elbows deep helping on the ground when he’s at Casa Raab. He made his first rescue in 2010 and hasn’t stopped since.


Jane Vaught, retired teacher, is Secretary. She was exclusively a cat person when she first came to Casa Raab until she met Tallulah, a smart, friendly, miniature poodle. Tallulah now lives with Jane in Virginia.


Dr. David Boyd is a retired veterinarian from Wisconsin. He and his wife Linda have been coming to Casa Raab since 2007. David helped Rebecca with a sick horse on his first visit and continues to provide care for animals when he’s in town. He has seen first hand the selfless love Rebecca has for all the animals under her care. He is proud to be a member of the board of Friends of Megan.

Melinda Hanson is an RN who retired to Oaxaca with her husband Gene in 2014. The newest member of the Board and a friend and neighbor of Rebecca’s, she sees firsthand what it takes to rescue an animal. The daily dog walk at Casa Raab provides opportunities to become acquainted with these animals and to love and care for them. Carlos, Gene and Melinda’s cat, can attest to the fact that she loves animals. Rebecca is a continual source of inspiration and Melinda excited to be working with her.

Linda Boyd has been the wife of retired veterinarian and board member David Boyd for almost 50 years, and she has an uncanny way with animals. She has been intimately involved with Rebecca’s rescue efforts for more than ten years, when she and David began annual visits to Casa Raab. A strong and prolific writer, she is retired from an impressive career in marketing in the higher education field. We welcome Linda as our newest board member.

I feel so fortunate to have experienced the incredible efforts that Rebecca and the team of volunteers perform daily to bring health, hope and love to the many dogs that are rescued by Friends of Megan… –Craig Stevens

How We Got Started


Friends of Megan Animal Rescue was founded in 2014 to support the work that Rebecca Raab has been doing since the early 2000’s, helping animals in need. The plight of Oaxaca’s less fortunate animals was largely ignored at the time Rebecca moved from Washington State to Mexico with her husband, Anthony, and German Shepherd, Megan. Rebecca soon started adopting street dogs and cats to give them a real chance, and her reputation as a rescuer grew. Now she is the go-to community resource in her town of San Pablo Etla for nurturing, socializing and finding good homes for abandoned or sick animals—dogs, cats, even burros and horses.

8503_burro Although friends who share her love for animals helped out with donations, they could not keep up with the growing expenses. Friends of Megan Animal Rescue was founded to encourage additional donations by making those donations fully tax-deductible. These donations will be used to save more sick and injured pets.


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