Annual Report 2017

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Message from the Board of Directors

All of us at Friends of Megan Animal Rescue (FOMAR) are looking forward to the year ahead with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm due in large part to the successes of 2017.  For the first year since Rebecca Durden Raab began her rescue mission over 16 years ago, all of her animal-rescue expenses were paid for by FOMAR, the 501(c)3 we established three years ago. Admittedly, she bought on her own numerous bags of “treats” for the street dogs she passes daily on the road from Casa Raab into town. And on top of that, at the end of 2017, FOMAR had more than $6,000 in the bank.

And that’s after 100 sterilizations, 67 rescues and 50 adoptions. Three of the rescues  remained at Casa Raab at the end of 2017 and two have since been adopted.  Of course, there is still so much to do.  On the agenda for 2018, with some cash in the bank, is at least one community sterilization and immunization clinic, and a needed improvement in our rescue facilities.

As before, we’d like to thank Joanne, one of our local volunteers, and a special thanks to Luciano Carranza, our trustworthy vet, who can be counted on to respond to emergency calls at all hours!

Particularly exciting for us is the fact that 25 of 2017 donors were first-time donors, which more than doubled our FOMAR support community. Every dollar contributed goes directly for food and veterinary expenses for the rescued animals.  Everyone, including board members, is a volunteer. There are no salaries.

So please join us. Go to our donation page to learn how easy it is to make a tax-deductible donation through our PayPal account. We will send you a formal acknowledgment and receipt for your tax records.  Every penny you send saves an animal, dog or otherwise, that would almost certainly die without our help.

Thank you,
Judith B. Anderson
President, Board of Directors




2017 By The Numbers




Minute was not with us long and she’s now cuddling with her new family in Pueblo Nuevo.




Message from the Executive Director

Hi All,

I just want to start by repeating Judy’s thanks for the support we got from our growing community of dog lovers. I am especially excited that we had so many first-time supporters. Thanks to all of you for helping us in this important effort.

Last year was busy for me as I quickly got back into the swing of things after being away most of 2016 due to health issues. But animal rescue never ends down here, and 2018 started with a bang!  Four puppies rescued and two older dogs adopted.

Our website and Facebook presence are both helping get the word out…..I am getting more and more incoming requests for help. Here’s a wonderful example:  an 11-year-old girl was in Oaxaca visiting her grandmother and she found a kitten that needed rescuing. We were there to help. The kitten is now in her new Forever Home.

If you are an animal lover and want to ensure every tax-free penny goes to the animals, please join our effort. Go to our donate page, keep up with us on Facebook and please tell friends about us. Better yet, come visit us at Casa Raab and get involved with our efforts.  You will meet some great animals and a few good people too.

Bottom line, no matter how small, your support can make a big difference in the life of an animal. Thanks, and have a wonderful 2018.

Many thanks,
Rebecca Durden Raab
Executive Director, Friends of Megan Animal Rescue


Alumni Muñeca and Cisco earning their keep at their furever home, Casa Raab.




Board News

Linda Boyd has been the wife of retired veterinarian and board member David Boyd for almost 50 years, and she has an uncanny way with animals.  She has been intimately involved with Rebecca’s rescue efforts for more than ten years, when she and David began annual visits to Casa Raab.  A strong and prolific writer, she is retired from an impressive career in marketing in the higher education field. We welcome Linda as our newest board member.


Linda Boyd with a gaggle of puppies


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